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Character Name Username Fandom Arrival Date 1 2 Status
Amelie Lacroix venommine Overwatch 2/5/18 IN-PROGRESS
Arthur Pendragon ofcamelot Merlin 6/917 COMPLETE
Jack Frost bluehoodie Rise of the Guardians 8/17/18 COMPLETE
Jim Moriarty burninghearts Sherlock (BBC) 6/9/17 COMPLETE
Johnny Marks backtiming Original Character 6/12/18 COMPLETE
Jonathan Byers shouldigo Stranger Things 9/15/18 COMPLETE
L Lawliet kickyou Death Note 8/25/18 IN-PROGRESS
Lucius Malfoy rightfully Harry Potter 9/4/17 COMPLETE
Lucy Pevensie crownofvaliance Chronicles of Narnia 10/9/17 COMPLETE
Rin Matsuoka allbite Free! 4/17/18 COMPLETE
Thor Odinson godlythunder MCU (Thor) 9/28/18 COMPLETE