Eoin Iomharach
Eoin was born the only child to a powerful couple in the Sidhe court. His father was known to be a strict patriarch while his mother was as gentle as a flower. The couple loved each other deeply and their passion as a couple resulted in a child who would later become a traitor to his king. Eoin followed his father’s teachings and his mother’s wishes, rarely displaying any sort of rebellion and was known to many as a “good child”. When his friends were snatched up by their parents after a round of mischief, Eoin was always found with his hands clean. An angelic presence surrounded him, or at least that was what his parents thought. That was the impression he gave to many people, however, they had no idea what was to come.

He was a young boy who had his run-ins with trouble, but he quickly learned the art of covering up his tracks. He was always found with his hands clean because he would shove others into the dirt and make sure that no fingers could successfully point back in his direction. His heart was shaded with darkness and the shadows would only worsen as he aged. His desires for power were often met with plans to control something. Whether it was a game with friends during his earlier adulthood, or later wanting a position on the Royal Court as an Advisor, Eoin knew what he wanted and went for it. It did not matter the cost. Nothing compared to the feeling of success, of superiority and knowing he held a great title in his world.

The only thing keeping his ego in the dark was his wife, Nimue. He adored her more than any other and it was for her that he kept his darkness hidden. He did not want to destroy her name when she took on his own in marriage. At the time of their union, he was in the process of entering the court as an advisor and that was where he intended on remaining.
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