Eoin Iomharach
Eoin is a saint before the public, especially when in the public of New York. The average mortal population sees him as a man of wealth who, while he’s quiet, has a love for life. He conveys an outgoing and warm persona to the rest of the world in hopes of pushing away any suspicions. He continually searches for alliances and studies his enemies closely. 

He does not have much love in his heart for others, however he holds his son very dear to him. Of course he loves his daughter however, with being separated from her, he forces himself to think little of her. In the same regard, he forces himself to push love out of his heart for Nimue. Him being in the dark and her being of the light, their love remains a bond… even if it is, at most time, left shattered in pieces. Still, Nimue is the first and foremost reason Eoin knows he has a heart, since it beats three times faster each time he sees her.
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