NAME: Jade Dwight Lawrence
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Video Editor & Photographer
ORIENTATION: Closeted bisexual
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, LA

PARENTS: Victor and Annabeth (deceased)
PETS: Smaug



fast facts

  • Known to talk in his sleep, especially when he is stressed about something in particular.
  • Was a model student during his early childhood all the way through his college graduation. however, his behavior turned rebellious once his engagement failed and his mother passed. From wild parties, to random tattoos, to even several drunken nights at the bar, he is more outspoken and wild.
  • Huge comic book nerd and unashamed at that. Has attended Comic Con but hasn't exactly ventured into cosplay. But, for the right price or bribe, he would not be against it.


Since he was a young child, Jade was fascinated with the film industry. He was captivated by putting a story onto the screen and demonstrated a love for creating movies at a very early age. A fan of comic books and action heroes, Jade would mimic the stories he saw on television and film them on a camera he made out of paper. Of course, no stories were recorded, but it made his parents aware of the fact they had a little filmmaker on their hands.

Naturally, Jade became involved in any stage production he could get his hands on during school, but he held little interest in being center stage. He was more interested in working behind the scenes and building the foundation of a film from the ground up. During his high school years, he joined classes regarding filming and directing within the school and local workshops. Once he finished with high school, he went to pursue a major in Film and Theatre at the University of New Orleans. The campus had a lot to offer in regards to his passion, but the college life had its way with Jade.

He did not join a fraternity, but he had a small circle of friends who attended the college. Intent on working towards his degree and pursuing a career in film, he allowed little time to enjoy his youth. His parents encouraged him to stay at a dorm on campus, to get involved in extracurricular clubs besides what related to his major, but he insisted on doing his own thing. He was pretty much a hermit the first year of his college education, and it was not until his first summer that he realized he was alone.

He had his brother and the rest of his family, but he knew only a few people who were around his age. Becoming a workaholic at a very young age worried his parents and, finally realizing why they were concerned, Jade changed his tune. He continued his work during the summer, but set aside more time to relax and enjoy time with his friends. He invited more of a social life and joined a few clubs in college. When the next semester came around, his life was turning into something more social and pleasant. He even fell in love with a beautiful woman by the name of Anne. She was a fellow student and they shared a love for movies. Spending each spare moment together, it was surprise to no one that they were engaged by the time graduation came around. However, such a commitment was a pill Jade had trouble swallowing.

Anne pushed marriage and threatened to leave Jade if they did not take their relationship a step further, so he forced out a proposal, but became visibly ill shortly after. Nausea and headaches overwhelmed his days as he realized that he would spend his remaining days of youth in a marriage... that he was growing up way too fast. He had a desire to live out his life as best as he could, aside from the fact he was attempting to start off a career in video and film. Seeing his disappointment in the idea of marriage, Anne threw Jade to the curb and he moved in with his best friend Shane. Despite the fact he was relieved to have freedom to enjoy life, he was still heartbroken. Unfortunately for Jade, things would only get worse.

Just weeks after such heartbreak, things would grow darker as he learned of his mother's passing. Having died from a heart attack, the love Jade's mother had for her children would live on. However, the loss of her presence in his life tore him apart. Feeling alone and useless in the world, he acted out in ways that went against his character. Drinking, staying out late and one-night stands... This went on for months until he realized all of his partying took a toll on his business. That and his heart was beginning to toss him in a new direction. His sexuality was something that he always questioned, especially when he felt deeply for his best friend Shane. These feelings were put to the side when Anne came into the picture but, with her out of it, all of that changed. He not only took on Shane as a lover but also a young woman by the name of Miranda. Having two claims to his heart was new and unheard of, and it was something he kept from the rest of his family. it would be a shock to his family that he was bisexual, but an even bigger shock that he was giving his heart to more than person.

With so many bad memories in New Orleans, when Shane wanted to move to Wilmington with Miranda, Jade was quick to follow. There was no hesitation in this decision, especially in knowing that his family was already there. One of his bigger clients in the business happened to move to another city in North Carolina earlier in the year, so taking in this client as his first in North Carolina really helped him off his feet. It would take some time getting settled in to a new home and a new life, but it was a change that was much needed.