orion nichols
Orion was born into a loving family as the youngest of three children. He had a rebellious heart from the very beginning of his childhood. As soon as he was able to grasp the English language, he was speaking his mind. He would pay for it with a stern lecture from his teachers, but that never seemed to cool off his heated words. He learned to channel his rebellion into defense against his family, being quick to defend their honor any way possible. Whether it was shoving a boy to the ground for going after his sisters or blurting out a curse word for the sake of honor (or what he thought was honor), he would do so without hesitation. Of course his sisters were considerably older than him and his parents needed no defending, but Orion took to life like a kitten with the mindset of a tiger.

He saw the principal's office on a regular basis from the time he entered school through his junior year of high school. He earned decent grades, keeping a steady 3.3 GPA, but he didn't consider life to be a serious thing until he was asked what he wanted to do with his life. As soon as he entered his junior year, people began asking him questions about college, army recruits did assemblies at the school and someone even tried dragging him to a job fair at one point. His carefree years were soon to be behind him, or at least it felt that way, and he began to put the pieces of his life in order. He enjoyed playing music a great deal and formed a band with his friends. Like any other young group of musicians, they intended to rule the world with their music, and Orion's parents were supportive of him, but his school mentors urged him to have a back up plan. They supported his desires to pursue music with their whole hearts, however they wanted him to be prepared should that dream fail to become a reality. So after graduating high school, he entered Orange Coast College to pursue a degree in music education.

While he did well in high school in terms of grades, college life was much more difficult. He was on his own, living in a dorm with one of his best friends and newfound indepdenence tempted him away from studies. It was far too easy to head to a party on campus instead of staying in to study for that upcoming exam. His first semester earned awful grades and an intervention from his parents. With his parents concerned with his schooling, they suggested he push school aside for his heart's passion, but he didn't want to give up knowing they already put in a bit of money towards his tuition. So he buckled down and studied hard. His second semester and the following year went exceedingly well. He cut down on the partying and did his best in his classes. Still, he had a longing for a life past the classroom walls. He wanted to go places with his band and make it big in the music scene, after all, what young guy didn't want to be famous? As his years in college continued, he became more disgruntled with pushing aside his band for the sake of studies. While it may have been an irresponsible decision, and knowing it was so, he dropped out of college and moved in with a few of his band mates.

Despite dropping out, Orion's parents were supportive of his career. He was excellent with a guitar and was a talented songwriter. His band did gain success, but real life would have its way with all of them. Some members married, others had job offers out of state and the band had no choice but to split in the fall of 2013. It was a heartbreaking experience for Orion, who gave up his college education for the sake of his career. With his friends moving on with their lives as adults, Orion found himself alone and falling into a depressive slump. With his sister on the other coast and many other friends out of the city, it was difficult for him to create a new life in a place he made home as a baby. If he were to start a new chapter, he figured he might as well make an adventure of it. One of his former band mates had moved to New York and had started a music business of his own. It was a small shop that sold instruments and offered lessons, a new but popular shop near Sleepy Hollow. He offered Orion a position at his shop and, after making a few phone calls to get settled, Orion moved to New York. He went to Irvington to be near his sister and made a life for himself there. He even began taking online classes to continue and finally earn his degree in music education. Moving into a new city, a new state and a new life was going to be a difficult challenge, but one he would gladly take on.
NAME: Orion Perseus Nichols
DOB: February 2, 1991
AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: Light as a feather, so he says.
HAIR: Light
EYES: Green

SEXUALITY: Closeted bisexual

HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach, CA
PARENTS: David and Beth
SIBLINGS: Cassiopeia (29) and Andromeda

PETS: Bugsy

Known to talk in his sleep from time to time.

Has a two year old pug named Bugsy whom he spoils to the core. He first got Bugsy while living in California, after a friend's dog had puppies.

Has a great fear of heights and cannot be bribed even the highest amount to get on a rollercoaster. It just ain't happenin'.

He enjoys listening to music from past generations and rarely listens to anything currently on the radio. He has a few select bands of today he favors, but for the most part, he loves listening to oldies and classic rock. Bonus love if the music is on vinyl.

He learned French in high school and continued to study it after graduation, with his main motivation being a woman he was trying to woo. He was fluent enough to hold a conversation but could only get so far. They only dated a few weeks, deciding to part ways after he realizing she was turning into an obsessive and clingy girlfriend. He ain't havin' that.

Ri is bisexual but has yet to make his sexuality public knowledge. Only his siblings and closest friends know. While he is attracted to women, he prefers the company of his own gender. He has dated a few gents but hasn't committed to anything serious just yet. But that is certainly a road he would be willing to travel.