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NAME: Sebastian Jones
DOB: July 2, 1977
AGE: 40
OCCUPATION: Professor of Fine Arts
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

Sebastian always had a love for the theater, but such a passion remained a hobby at best because of the heavy weight of responsibilities. While his parents encouraged him to pursue his passions and live them out as loud as he desired, his father pushed Sebastian to work towards a career that would earn a good living. While his son had a beautiful singing voice and was a convincing actor, the family patriarch desired his son to succeed in a "real job". Sebastian earned perfect marks in school and achieved a lot during his education, so his parents saw his love for theater as nothing more than a fancy to be tickled in his spare time. So he spent his earlier years as his parents wanted, as a studious boy who would become a well-educated young man by the time he graduated college.

Despite his strict upbringing in regards to his education, his parents supported his degree in fine arts. He earned plenty of respect from all of those he befriended in college, including one of his professors. Such an imprint came in handy when Sebastian started looking for work with his degree but, being so new to the field, finding such work was difficult. He was new and the field was very competitive. There were other candidates more fitting for his job, with more years of age and experience. He was easily crushed in his pursuit to find work. Then he ran into the professor who thought well of him, a woman by the name of Katarina.

She was nearly ten years his senior and served as Sebastian's mentor. Hiring him first as her teacher's assistant, she provided him with the knowledge and guidance needed to pursue a career in teaching. Watching her inspire other students in their passion stirred up his soul and he wanted to enlighten people in the same way. It was a defining moment for his career, but it was also a special moment for his heart, as it was the first time he truly fell in love for another person.

Such love was not confessed for several years as he matured into adulthood and started teaching a class of his own. He kept quiet with his relationship and with good reason, since Katarina married another. There was an unspoken chemistry between her and Sebastian, one he never addressed. He did not want to jeopardize his career or break his friendship with her by opening up his heart. What good would it do, he thought, since she was already married to someone else? However, after celebrating an end to a successful semester, their joined intoxication tore down their walls of moral. They drunkenly stumbled into a cheap and filthy hotel, made love and shared a night that neither of them would barely remember. When Sebastian awoke the next morning, he felt ashamed of himself and hurried out of the hotel before either of them could say anything to each other.

The next few months were awkward as neither of them addressed what happened that night. They acted like the night never happened. Katarina transferred to another academy, where she continued her career in teaching, and made such a move without much of an explanation. Their affair was left in the darkness and Sebastian moved on, although with plenty of struggle. Pursuing relationships of his own became a difficult struggle, as he developed trust issues. He found himself loyal, of course, and he also thought others to be just as loyal. However, if he could betray his own morals, why wouldn't someone betray his heart? What if he broke theirs? He wore a mask, kept his secrets hidden and tried to focus on the positive. Perhaps one day the sun would outshine the darkness that once consumed him.