2/3/2020 10:30 AM EST

Fans are concerned as it seems that Ambrose is no longer following his father's social media accounts. As of this morning the Umbrella Academy actor has unfollowed his father on Instagram and Twitter.

Ambrose Newman has always been quiet about his father, Hollywood legend Thatcher Newman. The two rarely cross paths on the red carpet, they have never worked together on a project, and Ambrose typically avoids interview questions about his family. It is old news that the two are distant, but we all assumed the pair simply preferred keeping their personal lives and business matters separate. Yet this has us feeling a chill in the air.

Rumors are circulating as to why Ambrose has muted his father's online presence. Does it have anything to do with his recent engagement to Jude Underwood? Ambrose remains silent on the matter and has yet to make a post on social media.