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NAME: Tristan Crowe
DOB: July 2, 1965
AGE: 51 (claims to be 21)
SPECIES: Hybrid (Demon/Human)
ABILITIES: Smoke Manipulation



Tristan Crowe was born the only son between two very different creatures in existence. His father was a demon, Lucifer's brother, known by the name of Belial. His power as a demon made him superior over the human race; so when his mother gave birth to him, she died shortly after. As a mere mortal, an offspring with any demonic heritage made childbirth especially difficult on a human mother. Tristan was only half of his father's line and, while this made him superior to most of his human company, he missed his mother dearly.

It was unfair to be without a mother growing up. He was raised by witches, but he knew they were not his family by blood. He was watched closely. He was studied each moment of each day to see how he would progress. Not only was he studied for the sake of his health, like first steps, first driving lesson and his senior prom... he was observed for the sake of his soul. Eternity was something he thought little about because he did not know what to make of it. Told of the light's agonizing effect on a person's soul, how it pressured one into conformity and eternal slavery, he feared it. He loathed it and it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

He did not mind the darkness, and he became like one with his father in the art of deception. For as he grew into a young adult, he ran into a few friends from college who introduced him to their faith. It was a gradual introduction, nothing dramatic, and it happened over the course of several months. A mention of a church event here, an invitation to join him somewhere else. He always declined and did so as discretely as possible in knowing his father would never like such news. His humanity got in the way of his emotions and he never wanted to see a human lose their life on his behalf. He even pushed away from the friends, but he found what left a bitter taste in his mouth gradually lost what made it taste so poorly. Was he curious about such a thing? He was and he did his absolute best in hiding his curiosity.

He never touched a bible, he physically couldn't because of the agony it drew him, but he listened in on his friends' conversations and religious debates. He would seat himself at the booth behind him at a restaurant, as to innocently sit with a cup of coffee, and let his ears itch at their words. While he was a master at deception, those who raised him caught on rather quickly of his learning. Then suddenly both of his friends lost their lives in a car crash and he was forced to transfer to an off-site campus. It was by no mistake that this came about and, by this demonstration, he learned that there was an incredibly thick line dividing good and evil.

He kept quiet about his interests in good things and was incredibly secret with any research he did on his own. Keeping secrets became easy for him and he kept them as a means of survival. He worked as an erotic dancer for his full-time position, but told his friends he worked as an assistant to a local artist. While he was not a conceited man, he recognized his beauty and learned quickly that it gained attention. So he used that to his advantage and, throwing his pride to the side for that matter, made a living that way. Living a double life was a beautifully mastered art if it was done right and Tristan tried doing something similar with his interest in holier literature. To many, a few flakes of evil shaved off his frame would not be noticed. To those who knew him best, they would be curious at most. But soon he would find that his tiny bit of research would cause his humanity to hunger for a life he knew nothing about.

Tristan has the ability to create, shape and manipulate smoke. He can create smoke from nothing and manipulate an existing source of smoke. With this ability, he can bend the shape of the product according to his will. His ability is grand, but can suffer to the likes of water and moisture in the air, all depending on the volume of the opposing side.

Because he is half-demon, he has a greater immune system and does not catch common disease that would bring humans illness or fatality. He also has tremendous strength that outweighs a human's, but is inferior to a pure-blooded demon. He is a confident middle point between two species, which is both a strength and a weakness.

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