Name: Gabriel Quincy Savage
Nick Name/Stage Name: Gabe Savage
Birthday: February 2, 1993
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height/Weight/Build: Tall/Average Build
Hair Color/Eye Color: Dark Hair/Blue Eyes
Career: Musician, Private Instructor
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship

Personality: Gabe is a devoted friend and holds a secret to the grave. He holds family dear to his heart and considers his closest friends part of that family as well. While he is friendly to those he runs across, it takes a lot for him to consider someone a friend. After being used and taken advantage of because of his father's fame, trusting others is a weakness of his. He holds little regard for the media, especially those in the tabloid business. And, like his father, he loathes the paparazzi. His life, as far as he is concerned is private.

However this does not mean he hates having fun -- Gabe Savage is known for his love for the wild life. He was big on drinking and even some substance usage but all of that was cut off in 2014 after he suffered a near overdose. Since then, he still frequents many parties and social events, but keeps himself clean of anything he takes in. That does not keep him from being the life of the party, as he has a wild sense of humor and finds laughter in all things. He is serious when he needs to be but, for the most part, he just loves to have a great time.

His music is his world and he wants his band to rule the world in general. Not so much does he care for receiving recognition; he mainly desires for his message to be heard by the world.

Gabriel Savage was born into Hollywood royalty. As the only child to rock legend Blade Savage and eighties supermodel Sasha Beaumont, he was put under a microscope as soon as he was born. Blade was known to the world with his self-proclaimed title, "God of Rock". He rocked hard, he played hard and he was every bit the bad boy as the rock music industry wanted him to be. Never one to commit to a relationship, the world was shocked when Blade settled down with a top-heavy model by the name of Sasha Beaumont. One of the reigning celebrity couples of the late eighties and early nineties, the birth of their only son was widely publicized.

While Sasha adored the paparazzi and all of the publicity they offered, they were always a sore spot with Blade. As he grew into fatherhood and cherished his son more than life itself, he became angry with paparazzi. The couple, then living in Los Angeles, moved to London in hopes Gabriel could live a somewhat normal childhood. However, given his status in the world already, pursuing such a life was out of the question. He was recognized everywhere he went and the attention originally made him nervous. However, he made a few close friends who liked him for who he was, not his last name. It was only in them that he found solitude. Those friendships grew as Gabriel grew and they even formed a band shortly after graduating. Gabriel sang lead for Dorian Avenue, named after the road on which he grew up in London.

The band received plenty of attention on their home soil but desired success worldwide. In the fall of 2010, they packed up their bags and moved to Los Angeles where they started recording their first major label debut album. It was received well and earned plenty of recognition in rock entertainment, but the success was slowly taking its toll on Gabriel. Gabriel started taking after his father in his love for parties and excitement. He even suffered a near overdose in the spring of 2014, which landed him in the hospital and later rehab.

He has since been clean but struggled remaining away from the harder parties. Facing that battle everyday, he continuously channeled his stress into his music. As his band matured musically and emotionally, they grew closer and more like family. However, everyone suffered from the party life and the band decided to move to San Francisco in early 2015. He has since moved on with his life, continuing on his music on a more local scale and pursuing a relationship with a person he absolutely loves. He found support in his journey and that made the path easier to travel. However, with his love for excitement continually growing, will the temptation to stray win the battle?