leonardo vallance
Leonardo Quinn Vallance was born on August 3, 1994 as the youngest of six children. While the family was originally fron Scotland, Leo would always call America his home. Scotland was talked about fondly and Leo always wondered what it was like to walk along foreign soil, but San Francisco was the city in which he was raised. There was nothing like it. Any other place he had seen within the country's borders did not compare to the beauty known as home. He was always a curious little man who promised himself to one day see the world. As a small child, he had big dreams of becoming rich and famous. Didn't any other child? However, Leo never settled on a career path. He settled on very little and could barely sit still during his younger years. This earned him plenty of trips to the principal's office and stern lectures from his parents.

Being the youngest child, he was hardly overlooked. If anything, he was looked after quite well and such continuous supervision drove him crazy. Remaining a good boy was a difficult challenge when there was so much to explore. Even as a teenager, he would act out and rebel, all for the sake of rebellion. He hated the idea of conforming to society's demands. Short hair, good marks and a college education was what most in America demanded of someone his age. However, Leo wanted none of that. He wanted something different. Something better. Then he found others who wanted the same.

During high school, he hung out with the skater crowd, who were in no way popular but lived out their creative freedom. They took homework serious enough and earned decent marks, but their main focus was expression freedom of speech. Generally focused on politics and big issues in the media, the group would leave their opinions on walls via graffiti. It was an art to Leo, one he enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately, it was not well-received by authorities. In December 2013, he was nearly arrested for marking the walls of a local steakhouse. Ben, the executive chef of the restaurant, took pity since it was the holiday season. Instead of pressing charges, he had Leo work at his restaurant until the damages were paid for.

In the process of paying his dues, Leo found that he enjoyed cooking. He retired his spray paint, distanced himself from his troublemaking friends and started going to culinary school. He also got closer to Ben and looked up to him as a mentor. Keeping mature company influenced him to grow up and take life seriously. And it's a good thing he grew into manhood, since he desired to settle down with the one constant source of positive energy in his life: Cara.

Cara was a cute li'l thing he met during his senior year of high school. He saw her in passing but, while he admired her from afar, it all remained just that. From afar. In fact he did not move in to speak with her until they ran into one another at senior prom. Originally Leo had no intention of going, since he thought little about prom, but his parents insisted he go for the experience. It was the once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate four years of torture. So, to make his parents happy and to say that he lived a little during high school, he went to prom. He took a ditzy girl who was more interested in his best friend, and they only danced twice before he let her drift off into the sunset. Standing alone, he saw Cara from across the room and started chatting her up. It mattered little to him if she came with someone because, soon after meeting her, he knew he wanted her. They left the prom together and he fell hard for her. She became his world and he had no problem spoiling her with affection and gifts.

The two decided to marry in December 2014, however they chose to marry in private. Or, rather, they chose to elope. It was a last minute decision that landed them in a chapel, but they were excited to be united as one. This big and glorious moment in his life, something he was so happy about, but it ultimately broke his mother's heart. Wishing she had been there to share in the special moment, his mother had trouble pushing a smile through her teary face. Not wanting to exclude her from sharing in his happiness, his older sister Freya helped plan a big reception for the newlywed couple. That was his saving grace and the one thing that helped him make amends with his mother. After all, he did not want his family to think poorly of his union, especially since he cared so much for his beloved Cara. Leo grew quick into adulthood, assuming the role of a working man and husband at the precious age of twenty-one. It was a lot to take on and, while he was whole-hearted in living such a life, it began to wear on him. It was a struggle to keep up with a life so serious and pursue a possible future of parenthood. He was still so young and there was much exploring to do in his youth. Nearly a year and half into their marriage, the couple agreed on a separation and later a divorce. It would drive Leo into a path of grieving he had not yet experienced, but the sun would shine soon enough. In the early spring of 2016, he got romantically involved with a man by the name of Aiden.

NAME: Leonardo Q. Vallance
DOB: August 3, 1994
AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: Light as a feather, so he says.
HAIR: Light
EYES: Green


OCCUPATION: Assistant Chef
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, California
CURRENT RESIDENCE: San Francisco, California
PARENTS: Jacob & Amelia
SIBLINGS: Henry, Freya, brother, brother, sister

PETS: None

Known to talk in his sleep from time to time.

Has a great fear of heights and cannot be bribed even the highest amount to get on a rollercoaster. It just ain't happenin'.

Dislikes most fast food, but has a sweet spot for Arby's. Their curly fries? Heaven.

Well-mannered when he needs to be, but his protective nature over his wife and loved is known to get him into trouble. He has no trouble giving the first punch if it means protecting his woman, even if it's a dude who's twice as tall and threw him into the ground. So long as he proved his point. He's a small kitten exhibiting the personality of a tiger.

He loves to cook and, when he is not working at the restaurant or attending culinary school, he uses his passion for the greater good. He helps a local soup kitchen cook meals for the less fortunate once a month.