wystan merrigold

Beauty is a trade and everyone is paid.


He may seem a genuine and warm-hearted gentleman on the outside, but Wystan Merrigold is out for himself and will go to any level necessary to advance his reputation in the kingdom. He has trouble trusting others, as he barely trusts himself, but keeps his incredibly small circle of loved ones close to his heart.

He also takes pride in keeping the supernatural world shadowed in secrecy. The idea of someone revealing everything terrifies him and he has no trouble involving himself in any act to keep such revelations from taking place.

  • Compassionate, even despite his own motives
  • Generous when he wants to be
  • Knowledgeable in politics
  • Devious
  • More dishonest than he is honest
  • Materialistic and easily bought


Wystan dresses to impress and goes to great lengths to wear the very best. As part of an advising council for a member of royalty, Wystan's top priority is to appear as a reflection to his kingdom's greatness. He is regularly dressed in formal attire, rarely dressing casual, with the exception of his nightwear. His hair is usually worn down, though he sometimes wears it up if he's feeling too lazy to deal with tedious fussing. Among the entire advising council, Wystan wants to have the brightest sparkle among them all.

Abilities & Skills

As a mage, Wystan is able to create magic by means of manipulation of nature and energy. Born the son of two mages, his magic is strong, but much stronger when he uses items like crystals and herbs. While he is not immortal, he is able to manipulate his appearance to appear as he desires, which he uses to his advantage.


Wystan was born an only child to Margie and Thatcher Merrigold. Both of his parents were users of magic that were strong in their abilities, but their reputations were weaker, which earned their names eyerolls through their hometown of Silverwood. Wystan's mother was a noblewoman who worked close to the royal court. His father worked as a servant in the castle. Not wanting to jeopardize her title, Margie kept her relationship with Thatcher under wraps. Thatcher was not pleased with this, and it strained their relationship, as he felt immense shame for being her embarrassment.

All of that would change one day when Margie learned she was pregnant with Thatcher's child. Mothering a child out of wedlock was shameful enough for a noblewoman, but to do so with a servant added to the awkward explanations through the court... explanations that she never intended on giving. She kept quiet about the pregnancy for as long as she could but, as months passed, she began to show. At some point, it was just obvious that she was carrying a child, and gossip spread through court like wildfire. Her reputation was ruined and she eventually fled to the town of Crystalkeep, along with Thatcher, who was unable to keep his fatherhood a secret.

Wystan was born part of a noble bloodline, but it would be an association that would never attach itself to his name. He held no title, but it was obvious early in his childhood that he was just as strong in his magic as his parents. Even though his parents' relationship was a rocky one, their bond became closer as they both helped teach their son the ways of magic. As years went on, Wystan became a powerful mage, and arguably an even stronger one compared to both of his parents combined. His father preached about using magic for good, and using it sparingly outside of Crystalkeep. His mother, on the other hand, insisted he use magic for his own personal gain. And, being his mother's favorite, Wystan easily took to his mother's wicked mind.

Maturing into adulthood, Wystan became interested in politics. He also took interest in acquiring what he wanted in life by means of magic. He started out whispering enchantments in the ears of people around him to acquire things he wanted. Or he would distract a shopkeep long enough to swindle something in his grasp. Minor, some would say petty, but magic that gained him something he wanted. His collection of dishonest treasures ranged from pieces of clothing to jewelry. The mortal world was easier to take advantage of because they were less aware of magic. Sometimes his magic would not go over well, and he earned his fair share of scars during those "learning experiences". Still, the ever curious Wystan never ceased in testing the boundaries of magic.

With a series of spells and magical persuasion, he once acquired an audience with the king at a public function. He was young, but well-versed in politics, and this gained the king's attention. It was the start of a connection that would eventually blossom into a career for Wystan. His mother's disgraceful departure from court came up in conversation, but Wystan was persistant in his pursuits, and one day attained the title of adviser. If his mother's name ever came up in a conversation, he would be quick to remove it from the conversation, by any means necessary, even magic.



THE KING King. Boss. His happiness ranks higher than any others, even beyond Wystan's own content.

The Basics

Wystan Merrigold NAME Mage SPECIES May 3 BIRTHDAY 33 AGE Advisor OCCUPATION Single Marital Status Homosexual Orientation
Wystan is a member of the advising council for the King of Graeburg.